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The Lewis County Humane Society is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. We operate solely through public donations. We do not receive any local, state or federal tax monies.  
The L.C.H.S. is currently contracted with the towns of Lewis County to house dogs picked up by dog control. The dogs are held for a period of up to 10 business days. If dogs are not redeemed  inside that 10 day period, they are then spayed or neutered before placing them up for adoption.    
Animals are only euthanized  if they are very sick, injured or aggressive. 
 Animals from Lewis County may be surrendered to the Society for a fee of 100.00 as long as they are not sick, injured or aggressive. This 100.00 fee goes towards any medical needs  and housing until the animal is adopted. Be prepared to show us personal ID, proof of ownership and proof of residency to surrender an animal. We do not accept surrenders from out of the county.  
The Lewis County Humane Society is not a rescue facility, we do not have the capacity or resources to care for rescued animals.
The Lewis County Humane Society meets at 7:00 pm on the second Wednesday of every month The location during the winter months is at the Lowville Elks Club, unless otherwise specified.
 Our Adoption Hours currently are  Tuesday-Friday 2pm-7pm  and Saturday 10-5 pm
Phone 315-376-8349