Lewis County Humane Society

If Your Dog Is Missing

If your dog is missing there are two things you should do right away:

  1. Call the Dog Control officer for your town.
  2. Call the shelter so we can add the dog to our lost and found list: 315-376-8349

You may also want to call the Moose radio station to have them to ask their listeners to be on alert : 315-376-7500

If you find a lost dog

For your safety and the safety of the dog, please call dog control and they  will bring it to the shelter.  Do not pick it up and bring it to the Shelter, it must be brought in by the proper Dog Control officer.

We cannot accept dogs that are not brought in by a dog control officer without a surrender fee.

Remember, for safety's sake, if it is not your dog leave it and call a dog control officer.

At this time call your town supervisor's office to find out who is the officer for your township.