Lewis County Humane Society

If Your Dog Is Missing

If your dog is missing there are two things you should do right away:

  1. Call the Dog Control Officer for your town. Check the Dog Control Officer list for contact information.
  2. Call the shelter so we can add the dog to our lost and found list: 315-376-8349

You may also want to call the Moose radio station to have them to ask their listeners to be on alert : 315-376-7500


If you find a lost ANIMAL:


For your safety and the safety of the dog, please call your local dog control officer and they will bring it to the shelter.  Do not pick it up and bring it to the Shelter, it must be brought in by the proper Dog Control officer.

We cannot accept dogs that are not brought in by a dog control officer without a surrender fee.

These contracts do not include cats or other small companion animals.  Only the Fort Drum contract includes them.


Our shelter has the contract with Fort Drum for Animal Control, and services all of Fort Drum.  If you have a stray animal, you need to input a service order.  You can call 315-772-3791, but they are trying to get everyone to use the below app.  It only takes a few minutes to register, and once registered, you can put in a service order with just a few clicks. 

ArMA (Army Maintenance) App

  • Scan the above QR code with your smart phone camera to open ArMA.  Simply open your camera, hold it over the above image like you’re going to take a picture.  When appears, click on it.  You may also go directly to
  • Click Don’t have an Account
  • Sign Up
  • Your “sponsor” will receive an email they must reply to for you to get access.
  • Wait until you receive a message saying “ArMA account now active.”
  • Login to ArMA
  • Select Maintenance Support
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select “Show More”
  • Select Animal Control
  • Fill out information & submit.

What happens then?  Pest Control will come and collect the animal, and will in-turn call us, and we pick the animal up from them.  We will post on social media for 5 days trying to find the owner.  If not claimed, the animal will get vetted (shots & fixed) and be placed for adoption. 

Fort Drum stray animals cannot be surrendered directly to our shelter, we must follow our contract.  Thank you! 

Remember, for safety's sake, if it is not your dog leave it and call a dog control officer.


Animal Surrender Process

Always call ahead (315-376-8349), to make an appointment and see if there is space available before bringing your animal to the shelter. Thank you!

Surrender Fees - A printable page is here.

  • Dogs - $100
  • Cats - $50
    • Domestic cats only. Sorry, no feral cats.
    • Call shelter regarding mom & a litter (case by case basis).

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